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About us

Together with Germany's leading tree nursery, we identify areas that are suitable for reforestation and thus create sustainable forests that bind CO2 in the long term.

Arboretum Solutions

We are committed to the professional and sustainable reforestation and afforestation of forests in Germany for the long-term sequestration of harmful CO2 and the conservation of forest biodiversity. 

Arboretum Solution enables companies to advocate the reforestation of German forests and unused areas to offset CO2 emissions in the long term and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.


In cooperation with the Schrader Group, one of the largest forest tree nurseries in Germany, we work on behalf of organizations and companies to achieve their climate protection and sustainability goals.

Our value chain

Our capabilities cover the entire value chain: from consultancy to organisation and marketing; from the identification of areas and forests, afforestation and reforestation, to the implementation of plantations with new technologies; from long-term protection and care of the trees; to project certification and much more.


We are the only provider on the German market that can realise the entire value creation process from a single source.

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Ar|bo|re|tum, Plural: Ar|bo|re|ten; Ar|bo|re|ta


1) a planting of diverse woody plants in a defined natural environment for the purpose of species conservation, inspection or for teaching and research purposes; e.g. B. a botanical garden (for trees and shrubs)

Term origin

1) Latin: arbustum‎ (German: tree planting); from arbor‎ (English: tree)



1) nursery; tree garden; Botanical Garden; forest garden

Our team

We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Stephanie Lahnstein

CEO & Founder

Stephanie Lahnstein



Unser Team
Melanie Schwartau



Melanie Schwartau

Project Manager

Philipp Röttger

Finance & Operations

Larisssa Weber



Gustav- Waldliebhaber



Laurens Meuser

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