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Join the Arboretum Climate-Protection-Partners and compensate CO2 emissions sustainably by supporting the reforestation of Germany's forests.

Reforestation projects in Germany
Local. Transparent. Sustainable.

Arboretum Solutions supports companies in offsetting their unavoidable CO2 emissions locally. We are committed to professional and sustainable reforestation and afforestation of forests in Germany, with the aim of long-term sequestration of harmful CO2 and preservation of forest biodiversity. Together with Germany's leading tree nursery, we identify and afforest areas within Germany. The afforested areas are maintained by us in the long term and thus bind CO2 for generations.


We offer companies and organisations the opportunity to participate in these projects and thus create their own company forests.


Please feel free to contact us!

Aufforstungsprojete in Deutschland

Protection of the

global climate

Preservation of

fertile soil


for animals

Prevention of environmental disasters

Improvement of

air and water quality

Regeneration of the cultivated forest


Planting forests to save the climate

The preservation and sustainable management of forests are crucial to mitigate ongoing global warming. The photosynthesis carried out by trees not only allows them to sequester CO2 in the long term, but also makes valuable contributions through additional functions such as facilitating biodiversity, improving air and water quality and preserving fertile soils. The Nature Conservancy's study suggests that up to 37% of the climate change mitigation needed by 2030 can be achieved simply by improving the carbon sequestration capacity of forests, farms and fields through afforestation programmes.


Acting now is crucial. That is why Arboretum Solutions specializes in the reforestation and afforestation of non-forested and forested land.

Wälder pflanzen


We identify land that is unused and reforest it together with Germany's leading forest tree nursery to create sustainable forests that bind CO2 in the long term.


Within existing forests, we replant damage in order to increase the lifespan of the forests and protect biodiversity.

Ungenutzte/besthende Fläche

Reforestation projects for companies
Compensate for CO2 sustainably.

Climate change requires companies to rethink and act accordingly.

Today, customers, investors and the public expect companies to take ecological responsibility, achieve their CO2 and sustainability goals and commit to environmental and climate protection. 

Arboretum Solutions advises companies on how they can participate in reforestation projects and offers tailor-made solutions. Arboretum Climate Protection Partners receive the Arboretum Climate-Protection-Certificate. 

We determine the size of participation in a company's own forest in our personal advisory meetings. 


Comprehensive advice, tailor-made packages, transparent project management and the long-term reforestation projects make Arboretum Solutions a reliable cooperation partner for companies and organizations.

Aufforstungfü Unternehmen
Wald Luftaufnahme

corporate forests

Join us as an Arboretum Climate-Protection-Partner and benefit from the opportunity to plant your own individual “company forest”.

Why choose Us?

Regional CO2 sequestration

Traceable track record

German quality

Customized product solution

Constant transparency

Experienced partners

What sets us apart

Climate Protection

About us

Arboretum Solutions is a Hamburg-based company that supports clients on their way to climate-friendly-strategy by reforesting land in Germany.

Our team

Stephanie Lahnstein



Melanie Schwartau


von Wels

Larissa Weber



Gustav Waldliebhaber



Argos Naturgeniesser



Übe Uns

Schrader group

A strong partnership

Arboretum Solutions' close planting partner is the Schrader Group, one of Germany's leading forest nurseries, which has specialized in growing and planting forest plants for the German forest for over 120 years. 

Schrader Baumschule


FfV e.V. Zertifikat
DKV Forstliches Vermehrungsgut
Ral Gütezeichen
Züf Siegel
Wald im Nebel Luftaufnahme
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