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Arboretum Media Library

In our media library you can learn more about climate protection with Arboretum Solutions.

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How is the German forest doing? How much forest has already been damaged by climate change? Do the foresters have enough funds to cope with the reforestation costs? How can I support the German forest and its reconstruction?


Watch the video and find the answers to those very questions. 

The German forest

Plant with Arboretum Solutions.

How does climate protection work? What does an ESG strategy need to be successful? What are the benefits of an Arboretum climate protection partnership? 

What is Avoid, Reduce, Arboretum?

Watch the video and find out what the triad is all about.

Last-mile climate protection
at its best!

Arboretum Climate Protection Partnership

Arboretum Solutions supports businesses and organizations in achieving their climate protection and sustainability goals. Depending on the emission and possibilities, we will help you set up your own sustainable corporate forest in Germany.


We develop the best possible service package for the individual requirements of our partners.

Find out more about our services.

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