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For Companies

Arboretum Solutions brings forests and businesses together.

Arboretum Solutions supports companies in offsetting their unavoidable CO2 emissions locally. Depending on emissions and possibilities, we help you to establish your own sustainable corporate forest in Germany. 


A Climate-Protection-Partnership ranges from the identification of areas to coordination and long-term monitoring. Together, we develop the best possible package for the individual needs of our partners, meeting their expectations and benefiting the forest at the same time.

Our All-Inclusive Package

We plant your
corporate forest

You determine the size, we make it possible.


We accompany you on the way to your customised corporate forest.


Our advice is based on our extensive expertise and know-how, helping you to develop the most suitable solution for your needs.


This advice encompasses both Arboretum Services and Arboretum Communication activities.


The plantation of your corporate forest is entirely managed by us. Our afforestation services include:

  • Area Identification ​

  • Sponsorship

  • Purchase of Plants

  • Fencing

  • Care

  • Monitoring

  • Agreement with the State Ministry


As an Arboretum Climate-Protection-Partner, we support you regarding communication possibilities and are happy to advise you on your individual possibilities for utilising your own corporate forest.


The establishment of your corporate forest not only creates numerous communication options, we also provide you with our Arboretum Climate-Protection-Label.

Here you can find some examples of possible utilisations.

We are happy to cater to individual wishes.  

Get in touch with us and become proud owner of your own corporate forest in Germany.

What does a Climate-Protection-Partnership enable?

Environmental protection

Sponsors do not only sustain the climate. Our all-round packages support the following environmental aspects:

Protection of the

global climate

Preservation of fertile soil


for animals

Prevention of environmental disasters

Improvement of

air and water quality

Regeneration of the cultivated forest


As a sponsor and thus climate protection partner, a wide range of communication options are available to our customers.

Among others, these include:


CO2 compensation

Press and advertising films within the  sponsored  

corporate forest

Participation in planting/afforestation

Excursions within the corporate forest

Depending on the location

CO2 compensation  

certification is possible

Was emöglicht?

How do I become a Climate-Protection-Partner?

Get in touch with us!

We will gladly establish a Climate-Protection-Partnership with you and develop a Climate-Protection-Package tailored to your company.


+49 40 8221 8 6221


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